Designed for the grind.

Opus Tattoo Gloves is made with professional-grade premium nitrile, making them ultra-soft and extremely flexible - perfect for the long grind.

Made for Tattoo Artists.

The first gloves in the market designed by tattoo artists,
exclusively with tattoo artists in mind.

The Most Comfortable Gloves.

You will never want to use any other glove again.
Our proprietary non-constricting, ultra soft gloves will be
the most comfortable gloves you’ve ever worn.

Opus Tattoo Gloves are the finest quality gloves exam grade nitrile gloves on the market, designed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists. These gloves were designed by tattoo artists and are built for the grind. Extremely flexible, non-constricting, textured fingertips, ultra-soft-non-slip nitrile. Once you try our gloves you will never want to tattoo without them again!

Opus Tattoo Gloves Technical Specs

Nitrile, Powder Free, Textured, 9″ length, Reflex blue, Examination use

Physical Requirements
Before Aging: Tensile Strength: 17 MPA (min); Elongation: 500% (min)
After Accelerated Aging: Tensile Strength: 17 MPA (min); Elongation: 400% (min)

Pinhole Defect Rate
According to ISO 2859, G-II, multiple sampling plan for normal inspection, AQL 1.5

Glove Count
By Count: 100 Gloves/Box, 10 Boxes/Case

By Single Wall: Finger= 0.05mm/ 2mil Palm= 0.05mm/ 2mil

Powder Residues
For powder free gloves, not more than 2mg per glove